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Cache County government needs a reset. This desire was manifested those in attendance at the Cache GOP Lincoln Day Dinner, where in a straw poll vote only one incumbent running for county office received more votes than their challenger. In the more substantive votes from the Cache Republican Party Convention, no County Council incumbents received more votes than their challenger. Jon-David Jorgensen won the Straw Poll vote and continued the momentum at the County Convention where he beat the incumbent 57% to 42%. Cache County needs a principled conservative to put the needs of Cache County at the forefront of decision-making.

Jon-David Jorgensen is a small business owner, successful lawyer, and community leader. Moreover, Jon-David is committed to re-opening the county government to the people so that the County Council can better listen to constituents, to respect taxpayers by making fiscally responsible decisions, and to a decision-making process that is rooted in conservative principles, not petty politics.

A Fresh Perspective

Early Life & Family

Jon-David Jorgensen was born and raised in Cache County. He met his wife, a Smithfield native, at Utah State University. After attending law school, and working, out of state and internationally, it’s no surprise that within months of the birth of their first child, Jon-David and his wife returned to Utah, where Jon-David joined the firm of Kirton McConkie in Salt Lake City. Not long after the birth of his second child, they finished the journey back home, settling in Smithfield.


In addition to acting as Deputy General Counsel to the Malouf Companies in Nibley, Jon-David is a small business owner, working alongside his father and brothers, to run a small herd of beef cattle and landscaping company. He began his legal career practicing at a Wall Street law firm, gaining a deep appreciation of the power of capitalism and the importance of the free market in growing a strong economy. Both during and after his tenure on Wall Street, Jon-David has advised clients through billions of dollars of transactions, in several cases guiding clients through sophisticated high-risk deals that determine the ongoing operations of the business. These experiences have given Jon-David a unique skill set that will be of great value in overseeing the $100,000,000 county budget.


Member of the Republican State Central Committee.

Former Cache County District Chair.

Former Cache County Precinct Chair.

Jon-David obtained bachelor’s degrees in both Economics and Law & Constitutional Studies from USU, and a Juris Doctorate from Columbia Law School, graduating with honors at each institution.


"One of the things that I appreciated about Jon-David when working with him on the county GOP executive committee is that he always wanted to be sure to make the right decisions. Emotion and personal opinion never took precedence. He was thoughtful in his decisions and looked at an issue from every angle. He never did what he thought would be popular but what he thought was right. He is a hard worker and I've never seen him allow disagreements to govern him. He can help to bring civility back to the council. Jon-David will make an outstanding County Councilman."

Shellie Giddings

Past Cache GOP Chair

"I have known Jon David for several years and it's my professional opinion that the County Council NEEDS his talents. Jon David has a unique ability to analyze a problem from several aspects and he always comes up with the best possible solution."

Dr. Rick Mayer

Cache GOP District 3 Chair
State Central Committee Member
Teenage Republicans Advisor

"Jon-David Jorgensen embodies integrity and dedication, traits that make him a standout choice for County Council. His strong work ethic and genuine care for our community set him apart as a candidate who will truly serve our interests."

Craig Maughn

Cache GOP Precinct Chair

We all talk about wanting change in government, but we keep putting the same people back in power. I have been helping Jon-David Jorgensen with his campaign for a seat on the Cache County Council because I believe a change is necessary. We can't change how the council operates without changing personnel. I'm voting for Jon-David because I believe it's time for a change.

Dave Lee

Amalga Town Board

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